Environmental-friendly Logistics corporation was founded in 2010. Originally Elog was a company producing expert and implementation services in goods delivery and handling business.

In 2018 ELog changed its focus on another logistics market: execute unique customer’s nature experiences based on everyman’s rights, environmental-friendly processes and modern technology.



ELog Principles of Function and Enviromental Values

ELog is a modern humane company

We value entrepreneurship based on equality, openness and cooperation

ELog is a part of sharing economy

ELog functions for the environment in the following ways:

  • Through following the laws and orders currently in force

  • Through developing an environmental-friendly way of thinking in the company’s operational plans

  • Through using suppliers who aim at diminishing their own affect on the environment / environmental load

Matti Tikkanen

I am the founder member to ELog and Chairman of the Board. I am responsible for the cooperative economy, communications and marketing, as well as the cooperative's services to its members. In addition, I participate in the nature experience in the design and implementation of the services.


I have a master's degree in economics, and eMBA. With years of experience in the logistics business, I also am responsible for ELog e-commerce solutions.

Mikko Holopainen

I am responsible for the Elog guidance and information systems (GPS, drone and transportation equipment).


I offer guided nature services like picking cloudberries, fishing, hunting, nature tours and so on. I live in Kittilä In Finnish Lapland.


I’m Forestry Engineer and computer teacher.